Tag: Not a single lie

Good afternoon/night beauties !!
Today I have been nominated for a new tag, thanks to THE SECRETS OF LORE thank you very much for remembering me pretty!
1. Have you ever said a bad word to a bad comment?
At the beginning if, then I did not answer them, now I do not even publish them "there is no better contempt than not to appreciate". (By this I mean anonymous, to those who give the same face, but if I publish)
Tag: Not a single lie
2. Have you stopped uploading videos/post because you're running out of ideas?
No, my problem is the opposite, I have a lot of ideas but at the most I want to publish 2 times a day and of course I have a lot saved.
3. When you see a video/post of a look, do you see it as a whole or do you go to the end?
I see the videos in their entirety , the post depends if you have 5-10 photos if, but if you have 30 photos I only see the first ones.
4. What do you do when you send friendship to someone and they do not answer you?
I do not usually send friend requests.
5. If you have a close family member, are you angry because you are on YouTube/blog?
No, it does not bother them.
6. Has it crossed your mind to close the channel/blog?
No, and I suppose that in the event that it crossed my mind I would not close it, otherwise it would be "relax" phase.
7. Do you get depressed or cry easily?
No, he laughed easily but I do not cry easily: -)
8. What do you think about the gurus to whom they give them things and teach in the channel?
If you do something that you like and give you things over, I will not find anything wrong, as long as you tell the truth of what seems clear to you.
9. What is your goal in terms of subscribers?
I have no goal, although 1000 would not be bad. Although we know each other when I have 1000 say that 1100 and so ... 🙂
10. Favorite guru
Until a couple of days ago I had a favorite, but I've already been disappointed and I do not have any. Now let's say I do not have any favorite guru but if I have my idol that if I do not tell you now why I'm on my heels in the hahaj awards and if I tell you that another day!
And my nominees are:
http://thecrazydreamland.blogspot.com .es/
Postscript: If you like my blog and you think I deserve it, you can vote for me in the blog logs (I know that many of you have already written it down). You just have to enter with facebook or twitter, in the category fashion and beauty and puts tricks for schicas, you just have to go to the end of the page and give it to vote. If you vote, tell me! http://bitacoras.com/premios13/votar/7b64570d051b544a3302bdeae94d06692b1d0b2d
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