Opinion shampoo elixir ultime Kérastase I would not buy it again!

Hello girls!
Today I bring you another beauty article , I'll talk about the elixir ultime shampoo , which I've been testing for a few weeks now and I think it's time to give you my opinion, because I feel very disappointed.

My opinion about the Elixir ultime kerastase shampoo:

The shampoo at first sight caught my attention because it looks like a little gem. It is a prodigious cleansing oil shampoo with oleo-complexe for all hair types.
It is formulated with the exceptional combination of camellia, argan and pracaxi corn germ oils. Paraben-free and this shampoo from Kerastase is only sold exclusively in hairdressers-kérastase hairdressers.
opinion Elixir ultime Kérastase Champu

What is the elixir ultime kerastase shampoo?

Argan Oil : Considered as the liquid gold of Morocco, it is one of the most exceptional oils in the world due to its repairing, regenerating and nourishing properties.
Pracaxi oil : Originally from the Amazon regions, it improves cellular renewal. Its ingredients provide nutrition, shine and a deep conditioning of the hair.
Corn Germ Oil : from Central America, its high emollient and antioxidant properties protect and provide flexibility to the hair .
Camellia Oil : Camellia flower extract comes from Central and Eastern Asia. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, softening the hair fiber giving it shine and flexibility. Without silicones or parabens.

How to use the Elixir ultime kérastase shampoo ?

With wet hair we distribute the shampoo all over the head. Massage with the fingertips. We let it act for 3 minutes and finally rinse with warm water.
Elixir ultime KErastase Champu

My opinion on kérastase Elixir ultime :

This shampoo is pretty good, its smell I do not like nor does it stop me from being neutral. But now being honest I like it, but I would buy it not.

The reason is very simple, my hair is greasy so it does not matter which shampoo you use At the most I can leave it one day without washing the next one, it is obligatory to wash it. That is to say for those of us who have oily hair, I do not think it is worth paying a 16 -20 euros for a shampoo , when any other brand much cheaper makes us the same effect.
For people with dry hair, it could be much better, but for those with oily hair, it is not because their price seems excessive for what lasts.

Have you tried the Elixir shampoo ultime Kérastase ? What is your opinion about it?

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