Meta fashion flag manicure

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to show you a easy manicure and simple to do, a very cool manicure meta flag fashion for both short and long nails, although girls who have long nails will be better.
If you do it in black and white it will be more credible but I like it better in a cheesy version.
To do a manicure in the form of a goal we will need:
- Nail base.
- Black enamel.
- Pink enamel.
- Zeal, fiso ... depending on how you call it in each place.
- Top coat.
To do this manicure:
1. We paint the nail of the color that we like the most.

2. We take pieces of fiso and we paste it, do not peg it much the best is to stick it first on the hand so that it loses glue and then you put it on the nail.

3 . We paint over black without removing the tapes.

4. We wait for the enamel to dry, do not be impatient !! then we remove the tape and we give a layer of top coat.

And now we have our beautiful manicure.

Have you tried this technique to make easy manicures like this one? Kisses